Bigredsquare is a social enterprise that has been around since 1999, providing technology and creative economy consultancy services to the public and third sectors. Together with our sister company, Nameless Media Group, we’ve delivered some very powerful solutions to complex issues. With the advent of the Social Value Act, we’ve built up strong partnerships in order to help deliver the vision of amplifying social impact, completing the virtuous circle by providing some robust measurement and visualisation tools to lynchpin organisations with massive procurement and therefore influencing power.


jayaspeakingJaya Chakrabarti

Jaya started Big Red Square with her partners back in 1999 with the view to launching the world’s first truly semantic search engine ( Sadly, Google got there before her with a slightly less ridiculous name and so plan B kicked in. Since then she has spawned a thriving digital agency along side the Big Red Square consultancy and think tank. She has chaired the campaign for a referendum for an elected mayor in Bristol, being shortlisted for Asian Woman of the Year in the Entrepreneur category, chairing a local democracy initiative (Bristol Manifesto), joined the OfCom Communications Panel helping to represent small and micro businesses, and joined the board of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, Initiative and Shipping(!). Passionate about empowerment through technology, Jaya’s technology expertise combined with her experience in digital engagement lends itself perfectly to making the vision contained within the Social Value Act a reality.