Big Red Square, together with leading universities, has built a social impact measurement tool for public sector bodies. It enables the quick and easy assessment of your own social impact, that of your supply chain and more importantly, helps to quantify the case for funding of non-statutory services going forward.  Similar to the Price Earnings Ratio (P/E) in the private sector measuring Financial Value, Big Red Square enables you to measure Social Value via the Social Earnings Ratio (S/E).

The Social Innovation industry has found it difficult to catch up with legislation in this area. Built for primarily the Third Sector, social impact metrics have been expensive, wieldy, subjective, not scaleable, and open to challenge. The Private Sector largely ignored it, preferring to use kite marks to represent their social value in CSR reports. What was needed was a universal social impact metric that local governments could readily use. Big Red Square did exactly that. Services we provide include:

  • Social Impact Reporting
  • Social Impact¬†In-depth Analysis
  • Spatial Mapping of economic and social value
  • Brand Enhancement Dashboard Toolkit
  • Procurement platform integration
  • Reputation Management
  • Corporate Responsibility Consultancy
  • Reporting for Social Impact Act 2012
  • League Ranking Table
  • University certificated training
  • Benchmarking locally, regionally, nationally, internationally