In business, if you don’t measure it, you can’t bill it. The same goes in social investment.

£ = Financial Value

Impact = Social Value

What gets measured gets managed they say, and the benefits of using the S/E ratio are numerous:

  • Measure the social impact of your suppliers on your area for procurement processes
  • Choose what non-statutory organisations to support depending on their social value to the community
  • Decide what projects to promote/terminate based on their social impact
  • Measure the efficiency of your social spend
  • Benchmark your organisation against others nationally
  • Spatially map the economic and social values of your area
  • Target specific hotspots of health, employment, crime and financial need
  • Provide evidence for funding applications

The biggest cheque doesn’t have to win

The largest organisations don’t have to win

You can spend half current CSR but get twice the social impact if you target better

Measuring & reporting becomes key

Understand what the needs are of the region.

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